CCOG “CONNECT Our Future” Regional Scan Document – August 2013

“CONNECT Our Future” is a process in which communities, counties, businesses, educators, non-profits and other organizations work together to grow jobs and the economy, improve quality of life and control the cost of government. This project will create a regional growth framework developed through extensive community engagement and built on what communities identify as existing conditions, future plans and needs, and potential strategies.

The regional scan document summarizes current conditions in the CONNECT Region, which will become the baseline for measuring and evaluating the trade-offs of alternative future year development scenarios contemplated for the Region. It provides a general overview of key trends and indicators that influence growth and development while acknowledging the desire of towns, cities, and counties to retain their unique character within the planning area. The City Building Lab (then the Design and Society Research Center) helped prepare this document as part of a partnership with the Centralina Council of Governments (CCOG) and Catawba Regional Council of Governments and the Seven Hills Planning Group, Inc.

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